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The most significant & most common problem that developers encounter when converting an android to iOS is generating an android app with an iOS UI. One of the most significant issues they encounter is the wide range of screen resolutions offered. The screen size and resolution of each device are different. Apple devices have a set screen size and resolution, however Android devices are made by hundreds of different businesses, resulting in a wide range of screen resolutions.

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How to Convert iOS App to Android App?

Our auditors will undertake a complete analysis of your iOS swift app to understand its features and to decide on the workflow. The analysis will cover different aspects of the iOS swift application. Here are the major sections that cover the analysis:

How the iOS App Works

The most important things to understand is how the iOS to Android porting services works. This analysis will help our developers and project managers understand the behavior, flow, and functionality of the app.

Issues with the iOS App

It is not uncommon that some iOS apps come with bugs or have some problems with the coding. It would be premature to even think of migrating the app without evaluating for bugs and such issues. By analyzing the app, our developers become well-aware of the problems within the app, if any, and then they can work on solving the problems before starting on the porting process..

Understand Technology Used to Create the iOS App

In this phase, our developers analyze the framework used, code structure, UI ViewControllers, UI components used and the overarching architecture of the app. This is necessary because iOS has been evolving and apps have made the evolution too with programming languages like Objective-C, xCode, and Core “C”.

Understanding How Third-Party Libraries

Frameworks Are UsedAlmost all apps use third-party libraries or frameworks to achieve some functionality or for the development of the app. If this is the case, our developers need to understand how the framework can be made compatible with the Android OS.

Why choose GosoftTech for cloud computing solutions

Quality of code

All our code is peer-reviewed and nothing but the highest standards are accepted. We run automated code-review software.

Our unique abilities

We have a unique combination of talent and skills under one roof and have an outstanding proven track record.

Passion for technology

We bring only those consultants and engineers on board that have a genuine passion for technology to accelerate enterprise connectivity.

Our dedicated support

We are not a flash-in-the-pan company but are always connected to solve your queries and suggest you best methods.

Top-notch infrastructure

Our IT infrastructure is managed so well that our clients never face any related issues and can enjoy the best connectivity with our teams.

Best project management

We encourage and employ time-tested project management built to maximize ROI on schedule and on budget.

Technology competence

Working with a number of latest, advanced technologies, we deliver robust, strategic and fully-integrated solutions across all platforms.

Complete customized solutions

We cater to different demands of different clients across different industries through custom solution that cater to their requirements.