Flutter – Open Source Mobile Application
Development Framework

With 88.5K stars on Github (updated March 2020), Flutter is branded as a cross-app development framework for crafting beautiful, fast user experiences for web, mobile (Android/iOS) and desktop from a single codebase.

Flutter as the Best Framework for
Cross-platform App Development

Flutter apps are built out of a single codebase, compiled directly, make use of the GPU and access platform API and services.

Flutter also established a primary method of creating applications for Google Fuschia.

It provides reactive-style views without using a JavaScript bridge

Dart shares similar features like many modern languages like Kotlin and Swift and can be trans-compiled into JavaScript code.

It makes use of a compiled programming language called Dart, which compiles ahead of time into the native code for multiple platform

Flutter (Google’s SDK) resembles the React Native cross-platform framework closely allowing for a reactive and declarative style of programming

It does not need to use a JavaScript bridge thus improving app startup times and overall performance

Dart achieves this by using Ahead-of-time or AOT compilation and Just-In-Time or JIT compilation.

Why is Flutter preferable formobile
app development?

Google Flutter helps create a fast and beautiful app with a productive, extensible and open development model. It is undoubtedly the most versatile mobile app development framework that can be accessed across platforms, offers ‘native’ experience, takes advantage of expressive UI and promising features within an accelerated time frame. This helps drive business agility and service excellence for startups, medium-sized companies as well as enterprises through innovative technology usage.

Custom Design and Navigation

Flutter is based on modern Application Programming Interface (API) with customizable features that make it suitable for navigation needs and does its rendering using Skia. The concepts of User Interface and navigation can only be written once and can then be shared across multiple platforms. Widgets work like native components.

Faster Development Cycle

Flutter is faster than Ionic, NativeScript, and React Native as it gets compiled in less than 25 seconds. It is architected to support glitch-free, jank-free graphics at the native speed of your device. Additionally, hot reload, code-reusability allows for incremental compilation.

Ease Of Code Sharing

Doing more with minimal code is the motto behind Flutter. Having its library of widgets developers may implement Flutter code without getting into the details.

Reduced Time for Quality Assurance

If Flutter App is tested on iOS it will run smoothly on Android. The tests conducted on one platform remain valid for another platform as well thus fastening of the QA process.

Enhanced Performance with Dart

The need to implement JavaScript frontend is removed as Dart includes code that is required in the application which speeds up the development cycle. The allocation model in DART minimizes poor quality enabling Flutter to develop robust and scalable mobile apps.

Enjoyable User Experience

Flutter's layered architecture enables having full control over the screen. Its powerful compositing capabilities give a magical touch to animate graphics, text, video without any inhibitions.

Productive Development

Flutter offers state-full hot reload, allowing developers to make changes to the code and check immediate effect without restarting or losing its state.

Extensible Model

Flutter may work with any development tool. It includes editor plug-ins for both Visual Studio Code and IntelliJ / Android Studio. It has thousands of packages to speed up the development, regardless of the target platform.

Community Support

Flutter community is open to contributions being an open-source project.

Flutter App Development

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Cross-Platform App Development

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  • Flexible and quick Cross-platform App Development Migration & Up-gradation Services>
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