Refund Policy

Our Refund Policy at Gosofttech Solution is based on defined procedures that fully adhere to industry standards. Fair assessment processes are adhered to, and all refund claims are conducted under strict guidelines to ensure that choices are justified and mutually accepted. Our policies are handled with appropriate means to resolve various claims arising from a wide range of needs and business conditions.

Coverage & Scope

This Refund Policy outlines Gosofttech Solution's refund policies and procedures. This Refund Policy does not apply to the practices of companies that Gosofttech Solution does not own or control, or to people who Gosofttech Solution does not employ or manage, including any contractually bound third-party service and/or product providers, and any third-party websites to which Gosofttech Solution's websites link.

When do you qualify for refunds

When you contact Gosofttech Solution with a complaint, we endeavor to find the best solution to the problem you're having. Your matter is initially presented to the technical staff, after which it is reported to the expert panel. Refunds are only given in the most extreme cases, where there is nothing else that can be done to resolve the problem.

  • Development/Post-sales operations have not yet begun

  • Project issues are beyond the scope of rectification/resolution/fixing

  • You have not violated our payment terms

  • You have not used any information for monetary or business gain (gained during the course of association)

  • Should be able to exhibit his/her unique UI design and programming talents, as well as an understanding of what makes an app addictive and appealing in order to qualify for a refund trial.

  • You've supplied all of the proofs and evidence supporting your refund claim

  • Your refund claim isn't based on a billing dispute with your bank or payment provider

  • Important Note: If any of the following items are found to be violated, your claim will be considered null and void. The refund decision is final and irreversible.