We work in a joint venture in this project, where you serve as the front-end sales executive and marketing team, while we serve as the back-end technical development team. Profits are split according to a predetermined percentage.

As our strategic partner, all you have to do is focus on growing business, focus on more clients and projects.

You don't have to think about technical staff and their management, as well as health, safety, pensions, benefits, and other duties, thanks to our strategic partnership program. You won't need to hire technical staff or train or update them on new technology. You are not required to consider new technology, new equipment, software licences, or upgrades.

  • There are no worries about leading a team or overseeing project development or technical elements.
  • Only bringing in new business and closing project transactions are essential.
  • Our strategic partners are granted extremely competitive pricing on projects.
  • Enjoy the high-end quality services of a highly skilled design and development team without the physical hassles of upkeep.
  • A strong in-house business and sales team is required with a great experience to bring trusted and long live projects.
  • Prior experience engaging with clients and closing web and mobile business engagements is required.
  • Establishment and infrastructure are required.
  • Should be able to generate consistent revenue.
  • Smart marketing strategy to attract more business .
  • To only bring business, rest will be managed by us.
  • To improve our brand's reputation.
  • To establish a regular web design and mobile app development company.
  • To entrust us with the entire project's requirements.
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